DeXe DAO Studio

How to operate?

Here, we detail the steps and tools available for governance, from the proposals to the rewards for participation. This section is structured to provide clarity on the lifecycle of proposals and the mechanisms available for the decision-making on DeXe DAO Studio.
  • Proposal Lifecycle: Learn the proposals lifecycle and distinctions between off-chain and on-chain proposals, understanding how to bridge community deliberations with blockchain-based executions.
  • Proposal Types: Explore the various types of proposals available as a templates, each serving a unique purpose in the governance process.
  • Creating a Proposal: Gain insights into the proposal creation process, which is crucial for articulating and presenting new ideas to the community.
  • Executing a Proposal: Discover the steps required to bring a proposal to fruition, turning community consensus into action.
  • Claiming Rewards: Understand how active participation is rewarded within the DAO, incentivizing and recognizing valuable contributions to the ecosystem.