Off-chain proposals

Off-chain proposals facilitate ideation, discussion, and consensus-building without immediately executing on-chain actions. They allow validating concepts and gauging community sentiment before advancing to binding on-chain proposals.

Off-chain proposals offer a risk-free environment to explore ideas, refine proposals, and gather feedback from DAO members before incurring gas costs or executing smart contracts. Three flexible voting options are available: Yes/No, Multiple Choice, and Ranking Votes.

Once consensus is achieved, off-chain proposals aligned with on-chain proposal types can seamlessly transition to that stage, enabling the execution of validated concepts on the blockchain-based on community approval.

Off-chain proposals foster an open discourse environment, nurturing collaborative thinking and well-informed decision-making within the decentralized organization.

Create Off-Chain Proposal Template

This is the title and description for the template that will be saved among other templates.

Provide a brief, understandable title for your proposal template. This title will represent the template in the DAO; other DAO members can use it for future proposals.

Choose the voting type:

For/Against Voting: Similar to on-chain voting, this type allows users to determine whether they support the initiative or not.

Single-Choice Option: This voting method permits users to select one option from several, making it ideal for decisions where a single choice needs to be made among alternatives.

Multiple-Choice Option: In this voting style, users can choose multiple options simultaneously. It proves beneficial when prioritizing or selecting multiple options from various choices.

Adjust the minimum voting power for your vote, and click Next.

Share the details of your proposal and give it a clear name to ensure voters quickly understand its purpose. A well-explained yet concise description helps DAO members make informed decisions when casting their votes. After that, click β€œVote & Create” and proceed with voting.

Create Off-chain proposal

Find and select your created template among the proposal templates.

Fill in the template you created and click Create Proposal. Once created, announce the discussion in your DAO. Remember to actively participate in the discussion and answer questions from the community.

After the voting is over, you can draw conclusions about the community's opinion and whether your proposal has a chance to reach the necessary quorum. If the decision is positive and requires on-chain actions for implementation, then proceed to create an on-chain vote using one of our templates.

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