3. Change Voting Model

How to change the Voting Model of the DAO

Here, you can choose a math model that affects the settings of proposals, voting, vote delegation, and rewards for active users. You can select from the following models that have been previously considered: Linear Voting Model, Meritocratic Non-Linear Voting, and Custom Logic.

For instance, if you choose Custom Logic, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Firstly, you must understand how Custom Logic works and read the requirements for this model.

  2. Then, you need to input the address of your smart contract.

  3. Ultimately, you'll have to wait for the review of your settings, which may take some time.

Check the change and if everything looks good, click "Next."

2. Basic proposal info

Provide a clear title and comprehensive description so members understand what's being proposed. Review and click "Vote & Create Proposal" to launch the proposal and self-vote.

3. Create a proposal

Specify the number of tokens you want to use and confirm the transactions.

Click "Create" to launch the proposal, sign the transaction in your wallet and self-vote.

Once live, participate in discussions around your voting changes proposal. If the quorum is reached, the new parameters will go into effect after execution.

Use this template whenever you want to change the Voting Model of the DAO.

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