12. Delegate tokens from the Treasury

How to delegate tokens from the Treasury

DAO members can delegate their own tokens to experts, allowing the experts to vote on proposals with that voting power within the specific DAO. This gives experts a direct influence on the DAO's decision-making process proportional to the tokens delegated to them.

However, it's important to distinguish this from token delegation from the DAO's treasury to an appointed Local Expert. As explained earlier, a Local Expert can be delegated tokens directly from the DAO's treasury through a successful community proposal.

To delegate treasury tokens to a Local Expert, a standard proposal must be created specifying the expert and the number of tokens to be delegated. If the proposal passes, the designated tokens from the treasury are transferred to the Local Expert's wallet address, granting them voting rights equal to those tokens within that DAO.

Select an Expert and Token amount

Select the desired expert from the list.

Specify the desired number of tokens. Once completed, click "Next."

1. Select the proposal creation method

Select if you'll create this proposal directly with your tokens, or use metagovernance delegation.

3. Basic proposal info

Provide a clear title and comprehensive description so members understand what's being proposed. Review and click "Vote & Create Proposal" to launch the proposal and self-vote.

4. Create a proposal

Specify the number of tokens you want to use and confirm the transactions.

Click "Create" to launch the proposal, sign the transaction in your wallet and self-vote.

Once live, participate in discussions around your voting changes proposal. If the quorum is reached, the new parameters will go into effect after execution.

Use this template whenever you want to delegate to experts tokens from the Treasury.

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