11. Remove Local Experts

How to remove Local Experts

To revoke a Local Expert's status, a proposal must be created outlining the reasons for removal. The community then votes on this proposal.

If the proposal passes, the tokens delegated to the Local Expert from the DAO's treasury are automatically returned. However, the Local Expert can still vote on their removal using their own tokens or tokens delegated from individual members' balances, not the DAO treasury tokens.

Removing Local Experts follows a transparent process, ensuring experts remain accountable and aligned with the DAO's goals. It upholds decentralization and community governance principles within the DAO ecosystem.

Learn more about experts at the link.

1. Remove an Expert

Provide the expert's address, name the proposal, and describe it.

Please explain why you want to take out this expert. Give enough details so that the DAO members can understand your reasons and make a good decision based on the information provided. Using clear and simple language will help ensure everyone can understand your proposal easily.

If everything looks good, click "Next."

2. Select the proposal creation method

Select if you'll create this proposal directly with your tokens, or use metagovernance delegation.

3. Create a proposal

Specify the number of tokens you want to use and confirm the transactions.

Click "Create" to launch the proposal, sign the transaction in your wallet and self-vote.

Once live, participate in discussions around your voting changes proposal. If the quorum is reached, the new parameters will go into effect after execution.

Use this template whenever you want to remove local experts from your DAO.

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